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Our aim is to create a memorable experience for you. Our social events allow you to make new friends with students from all over the world, learn interesting new skills and enjoy speaking English in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Gulja, Germany

The Social Events have been really fantastic. I get to meet students from all the other classes and I get to use English in a really practical way.

Debora, Brazil

I gave a cooking tutorial for one of the Social Events. It was so much fun and I got to teach all the other students how to make a traditional Brazilian dessert.

Dana, South Korea

This was one of my favourite parts of my experience with AOE. Everybody was super friendly at the events and I felt confident to just be myself while speaking English. It was great!

All our events are organised in collaboration with our students. Some popular events which have taken place are:

  • cooking tutorials

  • talks by guest speakers

  • music sessions

  • arts and crafts tutorials

  • conversation clubs