Nature in Dublin City - The Bull Island

Updated: Mar 2

I was lucky enough to grow up within walking distance of the beautiful Bull Island on the north side of Dublin. In fact, before I left to go travelling in my early twenties, my neighbour asked me why I wanted to go abroad when I had the Bull Island at my doorstep. He said it humorously, but I can now see that there was some sincerity to what he said as well.

Bull Island was created 200 years ago due to the construction of the north bull wall to Dublin Port. It continues to grow seaward and is a rare natural occurrence in Ireland. Its current size is 5km long by 1km wide.

The famous Wooden Bridge from Clontarf links to Bull Island. Here you'll find the Star of the Sea statue installed in 1972 depicting Our Lady with a halo of 12 stars made of Waterford glass. Perched atop a globe, she watches over Dublin port workers and seafarers alike.

The Island habitats include beach, dunes, mud flats, grassland and marsh. The island was the first official bird sanctuary in the country in the 1930’s. In 1981 it achieved status as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to its rare and threatened habitats and species along with its use by important numbers of overwintering birds.

How to get there?

You can take the 130 bus from Abbey Street and ask the bus driver to tell you when you arrive at 'the wooden bridge'. You can walk across the wooden bridge to the island where you can escape into nature and disconnect. I thoroughly recommend it!

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