A Life in Dublin - #1

Updated: Feb 24

Moving to a new city can offer both incredible opportunities and also intimidating challenges. Here, we are looking to interview some folks who have moved to our little City so that we can share some of the big moments, good or bad, that I'm sure will remain part of that person for the rest of their lives.

Interview #1 - Vanesa Luna from Barcelona

What’s one of your favourite places in Dublin? (could be a park/bar/cafe/street etc.)

I actually have more than 1 place.. when I first came here I was amazed with everything, how the streets looked, the houses, the way buses had two floors...

Now, after 7 years living in Dublin I've kind of gotten used to all the places that used to amaze me. But Stephen’s Green is still magical to me. Temple bar was a bit of a disappointment as it is always crowded and much smaller than I imagined in my head... 🤣 But all the pubs remind of Harry Potter.. ( avada kedavra)

In general I can not give you a specific place as I mentioned before but definitely Dublin is still stealing my heart every single day.

What has been one of the most difficult things you’ve had to adapt to in Dublin?

This question is not tricky for me to answer at all. I come from Spain (Barcelona) and I absolutely miss the weather we have over there (I guess most people will agree with me on this one) Even though I have to say that when I first arrived here the accent was so difficult for me to understand and communicate with others.

Is there something you know now about Dublin that you wish you knew before you came here?

Absolutely nothing. I came to live the experience and to make the most out of every day so if anything bad happens or has happened to me here I’m just taking it as an experience and I learn from it ( but I have to say that drinks out here are incredibly expensive and the amount of alcohol in each drink is barely the minimum 🤣).

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