5 Things To Do In Dublin

We're living in a city where we have a lot on offer - pubs, restaurants, walks, museums etc. But I wanted to give you some ideas for things to do that are a little less well-known to people who have recently moved to the city. Maybe you have gone to all of the main sights and attractions and are looking for something a bit different.

1. Brunch/Lunch or Coffee - Blas Cafe

Blas Cafe is a really cool place which many might not know as it's located a little bit off the beaten track. It's a great spot for a nice brunch or lunch and it's a cool place to hang out for a while with a coffee. 'Blas' is an Irish word and if I remember correctly it means 'taste' or 'flavour' or something along those lines. I could be wrong about that though but I'm going to trust my memory - which is only wrong 75% of the time. It's located on 26 King's Inn Street, Dublin 1. Link below:

2. A Nice Coastal Walk - Loughshinny to Rush Cliff Walk

This is a lovely coastal walk that is not as well-known as other coastal walks in Dublin. It might not get the same footfall as if you don't have a car, it takes a bit longer to get there. But if you're up for an adventure I really recommend checking it out. It's about a 3.5 kilometre point-to-point walk. I like to start it from Loughshinny Harbour and walk all the way to Rush North Beach.

How to get there?

You can take the number 33 bus from Abbey Street to the Yacht Bar in Loughshinny. Then just walk down the road to Loughshinny Harbour and begin the coastal walk by climbing the steps at the opposite end of the beach to the pier.

If you are into your rock formations, you'll get to see some pretty wild stuff out along your way, as illustrated in the photo below.

3. A Fancy Cocktail or A Lovely Pint?

Depending on your mood, you could choose between the Vintage Cocktail Club in Temple Bar or The Gravediggers Pub beside Glasnevin Cemetery. Both offer the possibility to take a trip down memory lane but in two very different ways!

The Vintage Cocktail Club

This is a great place to visit purely for it's novelty value. It's based around the theme of 1920's prohibition times in the US. All of the decor is set up to replicate this era and the cocktail menu gives you a history of A LOT of different cocktails. The icing on the cake is that, in keeping with the theme, if you didn't know that this place was there, you would simply walk straight past it. It's located at 15 Crown Alley, Temple Bar. Outside you will see an inconspicuous dark door, which you have to knock at as if you were entering a secret club. A member of staff will open the door and lead you upstairs to the lavishly decorated bar. It's not cheap but I recommend it purely for the experience. I've attached a photo of the entrance to the bar below:

The Gravediggers Pub

This pub offers an entirely different experience. It's like stepping back into what I imagine all pubs in Ireland used to be like. It's old and unkempt but it doesn't apologise for being that way and that's why it's beautiful. They serve a great pint of Guinness and strangely enough they now also do tapas, which is perhaps representative of the cultural melting pot which Dublin has become.

4. Table Tennis, Pool and Foosball - The Hideout

If you feel like doing something a little bit different and some healthy competition between friends then The Hideout could be a good option for you. Located in the heart of Dublin 2 on South William Street, it's easily accessible to anyone in the City Centre. The cool thing is they let you bring in your own alcohol (you will have to pay a small amount for bringing in your own drink) so it makes for a cheaper night if you are trying to watch your funds.

5. Teeling's Whiskey Distillery

Not everyone likes whiskey, I get that, but this place is actually quite cool if you are in any way interested in history. Your guide will give you a complete history of Irish Whiskey, explaining what happened to the industry at the beginning of the 20th Century and what makes an Irish Whiskey different to a Scotch Whisky. I found it all pretty interesting and the cool thing is that I DO like whiskey so I got to sample one of their specialities at the end of the tour. Another benefit to going to this distillery is that you get to see and smell a real, functioning distillery in action, which is pretty cool!

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