How we teach

At Academy Online English we teach our classes using the Communicative Method, with a particular focus on speaking and listening skills. This means that you will learn English by communicating with real people in real time in ways that reflect how people communicate every day in the real world. To do this, we ensure that our lessons are focused on the specific needs of every students and we create and select the materials to ensure that every student achieves their individual goals.


We offer General English courses at 5 levels. We provide the perfect course for learners at every stage of the English learning journey, from beginner to proficiency. To learn more about the specific aims, goals and objectives of each level, click the icons below 

intensive course

Monday - Friday

Two 50 minute classes per day

Morning, Afternoon and Evening timetables

1 week intensive - €70

2 weeks intensive - €120

3 weeks intensive - €165

4 weeks intensive €200

part-time course

Monday + Wednesday or Tuesday + Thursday

Two 1 hour 30 minute classes per week

Evening timetables available

1 month - €84.99

OUR Ielts, cambridge and exam preparation courses

Our teachers are specialists in exam preparation, with over 20 years of combined experience helping students to achieve their goals in IELTS, Cambridge KET,PET,FCE,CAE and CPE exams. We can also help you to succeed in TOEFL, TOEIC, BULATS and a range of other English language examinations. Click here to learn more about our exam classes, and for more information and to discuss your exam needs, contact us at

OUR teachers

Our teachers are fully qualified and vastly experienced in teaching English. Our teachers have extensive experience of helping students achieve their objectives in language schools, academies and universities around the world. For more information about some of our teachers, check out our About Us page.

What's included?

Our courses include intensive classes delivered over Zoom. You also receive access to our Google Classroom, where you can access extra practice materials, chat with your teacher and classmates and submit and share your work. 

What happens during class?

Here's an example of what you might do during a typical week of classes with Academy Online English.

Lesson 1


Discussion activities and ice-breakers to get to know your new classmates.


Grammar presentation and spoken practice activities


Group speaking activities to practice new vocabulary


Watch an authentic video and discuss themes and topics in groups.


Preparing to give a presentation in small groups.

Lesson 2


Listening to an authentic interview and improving listening skills


Listening to a conversation to understand how new grammar structure is used.


Discussions with other students - reviewing new grammar and vocabulary.


Read and discuss a news article about the the topics of the video from earlier


Presentations to the class with feedback and questions from teacher and classmates


How do i join?

It's really easy. The first step is to take a level test to find the course that's perfect for you!

Go to our Book Now page to register your interest and receive a link to your level test, so you can take it at a time that suits you.

Or go directly to the Level Test page now to get started immediately!

If you have any questions, we're here to help. Just email us at

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