1-1 classes

Are you trying to achieve very specific English language goals?

Do you need to focus on language specific to your business or industry?

Are you preparing for an important interview or test?

Do you need a personalised, flexible class schedule to fit around your busy life?

If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes!", then our 1-1 classes might be perfect for you.

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What happens in class?

Whatever you need! Before starting 1-1 classes, you will have a short consultation with one of our teachers so that we can discuss your English language goals, and organise a schedule that works best for you. 

Based on that consultation, we will design a programme for you to help you to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. What's great about 1-1 classes is that your programme is tailored just for you, so if your goals change or you need extra help with something, you and your teacher can easily adjust your programme to suit.

What is the schedule?

We know you are busy. That's why the schedule is flexible! Before starting your course, you and your teacher will arrange a schedule that works for you.


But, life happens! So if you need to change a class, that's no problem. You simply call or email us to re-schedule your lesson with us at least 24 hours before your class time, and we will organise a new date and time for your class. 


HOW MUCH do 1-1 classes cost?







How do i join?

Organise a consultation to discuss your goals and schedule by emailing us at;